HISTRATE – COST Action CA21155 – Advanced Composites under HIgh STRAin raTEs loading: a route to certification-by-analysis

Meet the Working Groups

HISTRATE is comprised of nine working groups (WG) to effectively deal with the challenges.

WG1 will steer the coordination of the network. WG2, led by one of the industrial partners, is dedicated to market analysis and new business models. WG3, WG4, WG5 and WG6 focus on scientific excellence. WG7 will focus on certification and standardisation. Training of young researchers is done in the topical WG3, WG4, WG5 and WG6, coordinated by WG8. WG9 addresses our impact.

WG1 - Coordination & Networking Activities

This WG will coordinate activities to promote communication, knowledge exchange and access to the Action tools. A Steering Group (SG) will be established to ensure collaboration between the WGs, to mitigate risks and to monitor the performance at biannual meetings. The SG will be comprised of a representative from each partner.


This WG will collect data from end-users on industrial needs, will identify barriers, commercial opportunities and policy changes, especially for certification. They will identify gaps and barriers for the application of high-performance composites for crash and safety applications. Relevant challenges of industrial partners will be identified at the “industry meets academia” workshops.


WG3 will organise information exchange between academia and industry regarding industrial use cases and benefit analyses for materials selection. The focus will be on potential benefits arising from weight reduction, emissions reductions or meeting future business and regulatory needs


This WG will investigate numerical techniques for simulating high strain rate phenomena in composites. Key issues to be addressed are the development of suitable constitutive laws for the mechanical behaviour of composites to failure and the implementation of the materials models into commercial codes.


This WG will explore sensing & smart sensors platforms and algorithms for in-situ impact and damage detection and post-loading volumetric damage characterisation to increase structural reliability and prolong useful lifetime.


This WG will focus on the characterisation of wave propagation, shock loading and damage initiation in composite materials, also evolution and failure under multi-axial and highs-peed loading. This will include specimen design, the use of advanced optical measurement techniques, embedded sensors and NDT tools.


This WG will provide a general description of the developed methodologies and measurement procedures, requirements (including safety), system calibration and certifications, required training and qualifications raised by Working Groups 3 to 6.


This WG will join training activities organised by each technical WG3-6 to contribute to the professional development of young researchers, students and potential users of the HISTRATE.

  • Action results
  • Workshops for ECI
  • Training for students and ECI
  • Thematic Seminars/Webinars
  • Short Term Scientific Missions
WG8 - training

WG9 will be in charge of accumulating the innovation and outreach activities of the network. It is responsible for developing and maintaining the website of HISTRATE and the online interactive composites community hub, collection and processing of information from the scientific Working Groups.

WG9 - Communication